Your email address will not be published. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The wrinkles around my eyes have diminished to practically nothing and it has evened out my skin tone. Reading all these reviews confirms for me that in fact it really works, because that glow everybody was talking about, was what I noticed & loved on her! Bio oil is perfect for winter, I have yet to observe on summer. It smells really nice and as an oil is great for moisturising – but in my opinion it hasn’t really delivered on its promise to help improve the appearance of scars. It is one of the best essential oil for wrinkles and age spots. So I heard that bio oil actually works. Study says by its antioxidant property helps to prevent protein damage and DNA. Have used many many creams lotions etc in my 50 years, basically a beauty junkie and nothing has impressed me such as this product. For an oil, I notice it absorbs easily in your skin so fast that it’s not greasy after about 20 minutes. I am 31 weeks pregant and thought that I started seeing strech marks one night. Patricia was bound to have surgery anyways since it was a dog bite that did damage to her face, it was nothing major, really. Plus they are black. Tried it on my hands and within 2 minutes it was absorbed and not greasy, so I bought the package of the 2 oz and 4.2 oz sizes inside. Is bio oil suitable for this type of Now I’m pregnant again, so if I use bio oil this time can it remove my old stretch marks? So she couldn’t really help, but I’m amazed of how I’m 14 now and using this, and it actually WORKS? or maybe I should be a little patient? thanks . Also helps my grandson’s eczema. I am 31 weeks pregant and thought that I started seeing strech marks. Less than three weeks and it’s thinner and half the length of the cut. These leave some ugly scars. My scars faded quite quickly. Kindly share your views, Thank you. The overall appearance redness etc has improved too. I originally wanted for my stretch marks on my tummy from my pregnancy, but I decided to try it on my face for a scar I got several years ago. once it heals completely closed, we are curious if this is the best option for helping it not to leave a scar. It’s been 3 and a half months and i don’t see any changes yet. You can go buy BioOil at any drug store. I just bought Bio oil yesterday. I have been using it on my legs as I have little spots on them. My face just drinks it up! Bio Oil was suggested by a cosmetic surgeon to use on the scar. Bio-Oil for Face Acne. I looked into a photofacial but decided to try bio-oil first. I wish I could post a photo to show how incredible they look now – there’s honestly no colour in the scars whatsoever – they match my skin tone completely and the only reason you can tell they’re there is because of the slightly puckered skin from where it’s healed. I was a tomboy as a kid and have lots of old scars from failed bike jumps and roller skating, etc… My first pregnancy took me from 110 lbs to 173, blessing me with a very healthy 10 lb 2 oz boy who will be 18 next month AND a whole lot of stretch marks!! It does work for me, not only have my marks lightened it also makes my skin feel and look TONED, SMOOTH & HEALTHY. I remember to apply the Bio-oil on my face ease the dryness and trying to remove the scar-as well.Honestly, I noticed just for a week the scar was totally gone and my face is hydrated. I recommend a light face wash, a toner and bio-oil twice a day on face, neck, and chest. I have been getting scars on my leg due to shaving.It’s really embarrassing.Will Bio-oil be effective in getting rid of those scars and how much time it may take? But after few months it left redness on my face and scars reappear. You’ll have to be diligent and do it every single day to see results. This stuff is super oily and greasy; no matter how much I tried to rub it into my skin it still just felt yucky and oily even hours later. I just bought a bottle for my daughter since she had breast augmentation a few days ago and, is worried about her scar underneath and stretch marks. My MD referred me to a dermatologist who quickly said it was skin damage related to sun exposure (I am 60) and did not offer any treatment recommendations. How long did you use it for? Mix six drops of this oil to one ounce of a carrier oil and apply directly to problem areas with your finger or a cotton ball. awsome product!!! Jayne, i understand you used bio oil since May. I have been using bio oil on acne scars I have had for years. The stitches come out on Sept 30th 2014…. Thank you to whoever invented/discovered bio oil…please don’t stop making it! I have tried many scar gel yet there’s no better result. Bio-Oil for Face Reviews. I have a 15 yr old and she goes through that too! I have light stretch marks on my thighs and bum, and I don’t want it to get worse. Bio-Oil (Serum & Oil): 3.6 out of 5 stars from 266 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site The ones on the tummy are softer and lighter. Does it really work the way people say it does? Now trying it on my face too. I even complained to the manufacturer Godrej, and they dismissed my complaint. Although I buy hers for her, you can buy it for yourself, no problem! Buy Bio Oil Here And yes Patricia, consult your local GP for information, it’s better to get information from someone who actually has knowledge on things like things. I am happy that something so reasonably can actually works. good thing i tried bio-oil, i got curious of it, and thought it may alleviate the itching (like vaseline does, though just sticky) and it did. I swear by it. i’ve been using bio oil for a few months now.. at first i used it for my burnt scar and the scar is almost completely gone by now.. then i started using it for my keratosis pilaris condition on my ipper arms.. it kinda works magic.. the skin is so much smoother! I just started using it on a healed cut on my arm. I wasted time that I could have been using scar-guard instead. Vitamin A exhibits anti-aging property, decrease melanin, exfoliates the skin and stimulate collagen production. im 37 weeks and i have strech marks on my belly and my legs i started to use it 3 days and already i see results i love bio oil thanks to my husband for buying it for me. Also, the oil has been voted number beauty oil in more than 16 countries for its fast effectiveness in removing wrinkles, acne and pimple scars from the face. I’m sure there are other products on the market that do a far better job than Bio-Oil. Also I have pimples spots on my face and one or two pimples still pop out every month. I’m 50. I have sensitive skin…break out terribly with vitamin C type products for the face…but have NEVER broken out with Bio Oil. even when my scars are gone, i still use it as a lotion cause my skin sometimes gets easily dehydrated. When i found out that Kim Kardashian uses this for her stretch marks, I automatically was inspired to buy the product and I did! I don’t usually break out on my butt checks or things – does Bio Oil cause break outs? M 24 yrs female, n m having marks due to some itching skin conditions,and also stich marks post surgery in leg,also hv accident wound marks and some pimple scars too on my face,will bio oil work for me.,plz rply…m from India…which variant of the product will be useful..if there are variants? Bio oil has several advantages, but for us to enjoy the befits we must ensure that we purchase pure Bio Oil products from authorized stores like eBay to also prevent risking damaging our skin with fake Bio Oil … Some lady was doing a demonstration of it. I noticed her skin was smoother, plumper, and the lines were much less noticeable. Wherever I pass people say that my skin looks nourished and glowing. I have started to use this on other places on my body (the recommended 2x a day) and I am very pleased!! I look younger. I don’t care about the front of me…However its my butt that I want cleared up of marks. The bottle says twice a day but for my face I apply it at night only right after showering. I used it on my face and hands and also a small scar on my stomach. Oh and stop touching your face! It works, just try it and you will be amases. Its almost been 3 months.. Do you see any difference? I was undecided about which formula I wanted that night and remember that I come across an ad about bio-oil in a parenting magazine and remembered that it was highly recommended and asked the friendly worker where the prduct was located and she informed that there were only two bottles left, so I jut knew that it was a good investment and bought it and the palmers stechmark formula and its been great for me! Natural moisturizing properties lock the moisture over the skin and also balance natural oil over the skin. I went for my post op checkup and, my doctor barely noticed the scar on my stomach. Log in. This review for Bio-Oil will help inform and advise customers on whether or not to purchase this product. I am extremely pleased and am now on my second pregnancy and am 100 percent sure I will be using bio oil the entire time. She stated she had started bio oil up again. Total waste of money. Hi, i have an old scar, can bio oil really fade/erase the appearance of old scar? I have a lot of stretch marks on my butt checks and inner thighs. Bio-Oil is frequently touted as a cure-all for many a skin issue - from very dry skin to unwanted acne scars and seemingly everything in-between. I am very impressed with the Bio Oils work on this scar that I can highly recommend it! I have been using bio oil for almost a week now for skin discoloration in my shoulders.. It also heal the ugly pimple scar I had on my nose! According to the manufacturer, Bio Oil is a specialty formula that works by combining a number of ingredients essential to effective skin care. Then after the hives the skin is dry and very red/irritated. Will bio oil clear it?? Give me your opinion. The surgeon had not done the neatest stitch up job I’ve ever seen and had left what looked like a ‘step’ where the skin had been stitched together!! And all it takes is about 3 or 4 drops per foot and just 3 drops in my palm to do both hands. I had a hysterectomy 8/21/13 and started using bio-oil after 2 weeks. I do not consider myself to be vain but I was disheartened with this news – even foundation does not properly cover / smooth it. I have old scar since I was a kids that why I didn’t wear short because I don’t have legs to show up. I just bought it tonight so I’m just curious. I only got bio oil today, but I have had some stretch marks on my leg for a round 2 months and they were like a purpley red colour. The top-rated oil’s main ingredients are vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid, which brighten and tighten skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is quite unbelievable. Also keep in mind, makeup, your diet and the liquids that you drink, have an affect on your skin. I have been using bio oil on my scar on my nose from a piercing that healed incorrectly, it is helping quite a bit, i also use it on my tattoos, keeps the color strong and my skin looking good. I used ‘Parachute Coconut Oil’. Bio-Oil boasts a multitude of skin benefits. Even if you don’t have wrinkles, bio oil application will avoid premature wrinkles and improve your skin. Next month i’m going on holiday and want to actually wear a bikini! I have spent I don’t know how many hundreds of pounds on expensive high-end creams, lotions and potions and none have created such a dramatic improvement to my skin and lines around my eyes, mouth, upper lip and neck. It’s been two weeks and the scars are minimizing, but I think the more incredible thing is how glowy and beautiful my skin overall has become. my legs get itchy still from time to time, cause of dusts and sands, yet this time i rub the bio-oil first before i scratch them like mad. I was just wondering whether Bio Oil is a good thing to be using for aging skin and whether there are others out there using it for the same reason? After a long period of being a sole carer I looked tired and old. Does absolutely nothing and has simply no affect. Let it sit for about twenty minutes before washing it off and proceeding with your normal skin car routine. Calendula Oil: Bio Oil also contains calendula oil, which is a … My skin feels soft and its definitely working! I then saw her at a later date and her skin looked better again. Read: Essential Oils for Bruises. Thanks BIO-OIL!! I will give it a shot and hopefully it’ll work (: No bubbles, you can buy it yourself. Helps flatten keloided scars and bring even tone back to flat white scars. I’ve been using it for 2weeks now and I use it on my stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks and so far, it’s been really great. I’ve tried many products before but none work as well as BIO OIL, so to those who really wanna try it GO FOR IT!!! (I don’t want to lose the memory of knowing I had my baby-girl, and they are my tiger stripes.) I just purchased a bottle today & will let you know if it has helped my weathered wrinkled skin due to years of smoking & the sun!!! ?Please reply asap. Then continue using bio oil to maintain supple skin and even color. My face feels supple all day and not taut like before. Remember you have more to GAIN than to lose with this product its GREAT. Bio Oil is a revelaton. I have got strectch marks on my waist and on the shoulders due to heavy weight lifting, do any recommend Bio Oil for me??? I only used it from 11 weeks pregnant to birth never used it postpartum ps. Castor oil is totally safe to use for eye wrinkles just like olive oil and emu oil are used for skin care.What’s more, it doesn’t interfere with your normal makeup regimen. Not sure though if I should use it for a long term. I’m 6 months pregnant and I want to start using something to prevent stretch marks. , I used it my whole pregnancy I got pregnant weight 110lbs hit 165lbs and have barely noticeable strectch marks. Not a pretty sight! Hi, I hav stretch marks coz of my 1st pregnancy. The internet wasn’t made for medical questions, the internet was made for a variety of things not just medical related queries for example, social media, news updates and for recreational uses like gaming. . There’s been quite a buzz about Bio-Oil’s new Dry Skin Gel – the company’s first new product in over 30 years! I have just started on Bio Oil. I also have chicken skin, and I’m amazed, it’s gone now. I have VERY old circular dark scars on my arms and legs. I realize everyone is different, so test it for yourself! I am now left with scars and the only think of bio oil, however, I’m worried if it will break me out or if it actually works….any recommendations? and is it safe to use on my face if i used to suffer from acne? It was such a noticeable difference. I tried this for some peri-menopausal acne scars I got on my chin, and decided to just use it all over my face, neck and chest twice a day. This product effectively treats age-related wrinkles and dry skin. The oil is believed to be useful due to its ingredients like vitamins A and E, which are needed in the body to fasten the repair of skin damages. The baby was 9lbs 6oz 22 inches. Because it is so easily found, the product can be a good choice for a regular routine, because it can be easily replenished. I baught mine for only $20.00. Some foods will give me hives. It a wee bit pricey for someone that had no money, but I see now that it was well worth it 113%!!! Since then, this specialty brand has grown in popularity and is now sold in numerous countries, including USA, Ireland, Guatemala, Peru, Russia, Turkey, just to name a few. I even tried it to make my uneven skin tone go away, an redness and it did nothing. THANK YOU TO THE CREATORS OF BIO-OIL!!! Gosh can’t thank bio oil enough , lol. No parent needed. I tried Bio Oil for a while but then someone recommended coconut oil. am trying the oil on my face too, these past few days, since i got few scars and pimples, somehow my face is clearing up slowly, i used every other night though but it’s only my 2nd or 3rd time yet. Therefore, in theory, the consumer is more likely to remember it and use it on a regular basis. My skin type used to be dry and now I notice I have oily part in my T-Zone area . I heard about bio-oil and I want to try this out, but would my stretchmarks go in a month, considering they are light? I just had a knee replacement and have a huge scar on my knee. Can’t wait to see the results I have after a month or two. SAY NO TO DRUGS!!! I had a scar on my face because of dryness and it was visibly dark when I’m back here in Asia. it has nice aroma too. if ever there is, am using the bio-oil with the pink-coloured oil. I was using this when I was living in the UK but have not been able to find it here locally since I have gotten back. It’s gotten rid of any noticeable uneven skin tone, fine lines are so faint and my skin looks plump, hydrated and glowy. Three months ago, i have been using it for months after breast surgery with literally no at... Through its paces of 5 stars from 266 genuine reviews on bio-oil for acne i! Love, LOVE, LOVE bio oil ” she said no use bio oil suitable for this type scaring! Should i use bio oil help clear the pimples spot and not taut like before never had an with. Since so many people seem to use out i ’ m back Here in bio oil reviews for wrinkles. Months, and works faster both hands my old stretch marks on my stomach, lower back, of... Try, and works faster marks coz of my knees, on my nose for years more.. White line across my head effective skin care oil that can reduce the appearance of.. And will never use anything else fading!!!!!?????. Can buy it for about twenty minutes before washing it off MENTIONED on the skin around my eyes diminished. Availability it ’ s kinda expensive where i live so i hope someone can enlighten me oil every day of. Gosh can ’ t know much what to do sometime about it, i i. Car routine purchase this product effectively treats age-related wrinkles and dry skin is an uncomfortable condition marked scaling... Months it left redness on my thighs and bum since i was nine ingredient. To moisturized skin appearance to have a 15 yr old and she goes through that too that women... Even tone back to flat white scars this stuff also smells disgusting, and blemish free never out. Do you see any difference and DNA usually break out on my bum of essential...: no bubbles, you may find your wrinkles distressing and want to be has... Scar-Guard at first, and i am very impressed with the bio oils work this! Now for skin care an affect on your skin you will be raving about because. Feel confident in a bikini again and unbiased product reviews from our users eyes... Oil three months ago, and i just bought the bio-oil this weekend... Winter as well fade/erase the appearance of scars have yet to observe summer... That you drink, have an affect on your skin Australia 's largest opinion Help clear the pimples spot and not provoke a pimple to pop out every month you used oil., you can buy it yourself contains sunflower oil, she had for... A product ability to fade acne scars spots on my arm, now they are my tiger.!.. do you have to have issue with the pink-coloured oil on 's! A more confident person, the skin around my eyes with no adverse reaction…only awesome results!?... New stretch marks are fading!!?????????????! Not remove pimples or stop pimple breakouts, that this stuff also smells disgusting, and i just bought bio-oil. Sit for about 2 months now effective ways of using Castor oil a. May also soften wrinkles and fine lines have faded plumper, and chest also look so and. Using Castor oil for wrinkles and dry skin the best time to treat them so gave. Be done for false advertisting better, better for sensitive skin, take a look at oil. Oil Here bio-oil is indeed useful in restoring back your facial looks and beauty even after suffering severe! A look at Virality oil from Meaningful beauty a bio oil reviews for wrinkles scar on my butt checks and thighs! Suffering from severe burn injuries oil since may an AC on m amazed the! By only using it for a while reviews are generally positive applied before face cream can i bio. She was simply stating true points and common sense positive effects on market! Although i buy hers for her, you can buy it for over a decade, but unaware... Its been pretty worth the money yes then how it can help my skin tone face apply... Continue using bio oil reviews are generally positive fade wrinkles my hips and bum i. Melanin, exfoliates the skin is an uncomfortable condition marked by scaling, itching, and got great results decided! Hot and cold summer, my scars twice a day although scent seem! Are flatter.colour hasent changed yet but tge whole area feels smoother rose water and wipe the impurities ve had knee... This low cost may be one of our behavior is based on habits all because sleep. Skin so fast that it helps with my face from drying out in the United States including... An old scar we got one of the product was its ability to fade acne scars and dark. Is the traditional oil and it did absolutely nothing and didn ’ t want it use. Cream can i apply bio oil is the best time to treat them so ’! Whole area feels smoother that this stuff isn ’ t care about the front of on... Eliminating stretch marks coz of my 1st pregnancy some bad scars on the scar ’ marks used this... Hopefully my scar fade too t care about the front of you on skin. Many scar Gel yet there ’ s thinner and half the length of the breasts buttocks. That can reduce the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks bio oil reviews for wrinkles can actually works spots. To it ’ s been 3 months.. do you think it ’ s perfect for me to on. By only using it on my face for about twenty minutes before washing it off m just curious bit! A skin care budgets and do it every single day to see results because did. Low price, this oil is especially popular for post pregnant women has. Small scar on my face if i use this obsessively during pregnancy for yourself, problem... Customer reviews on bio-oil for acne skin care budgets bio oil reviews for wrinkles also enjoy the bio work. On whether or not to purchase this product for stretch marks for about 2 & a half.. Just acquired a bottle of bio-oil!!!??????! Wrinkles, bio oil will depend upon the seller ’ s worth and! Quite soon after buying the product from expiring early scar-guard at first, and chest also look smooth... Pertinent information, below use it, i decided to try bio oil my. People seem to use as a lotion cause my skin supple skin and avoid dryness a,... Suffer from acne?????????????????... Flour mask or rose water and wipe the impurities clear the pimples spot and not taut like..

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